NTD Art Competition Revives Traditional Realism

Traditional realist painting is a significant part of Western culture, but has also attracted accomplished Chinese artists.

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
“The art of traditional painting actually originated from western world. This form of painting has been very well developed as it has a complete set of theories and school training. It is very complete, systematic, and professional. Therefore, this painting art is like a very precious treasure in the treasure-trove of world culture.

This year, NTD Television will hold its fourth Chinese International Figure Painting Competition with the goal of bringing traditional culture once again to the forefront in the modern world. 

[Zhang Kunlun, NTD Chinese Figure Painting Competition Head Judge]:
“In China nowadays, after the disaster in which most of the traditional Chinese culture was destroyed by the Communist Party, so many Chinese people don’t actually know how glorious our Chinese

Article source: http://ntdtv.org/en/news/entertainment/2013-03-22/ntd-art-competition-revives-traditional-realism.html

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