Oakland Freedom Jazz Society Presents Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch plus …

“Mezzacappa’s Bait Switch with Aaron Bennett, Jordan Glenn, John Finkbeiner, Lisa Mezzacappa, delivers a raw, unfettered dose of primal expressionism that also works as sophisticated modern jazz.” – Point of Departure

Rent Romus and the Life’s Blood Ensemble features drummer Timothy Orr, bassists Kim Cass and Markus Hunt. They will explore the crossroads of jazz and improvisation performing original music from their new CD Cimmerian Crossroads on Edgetone Records.

Article source: http://events.sfgate.com/oakland_ca/events/show/370606165-oakland-freedom-jazz-society-presents-lisa-mezzacappas-bait-switch-plus-rent-romus-lifes-blood-ensemble-supersedes-duende

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