On the Hulu Channel: Kim Ki-young’s The Housemaid


With the announcement that Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation would be funneling its restorations straight into the Criterion Collection (with what appears to be its own branding and everything), curiosity could help but form around their offerings. Neither company is apparently terribly invested in stalling this, and so the films have, just this very week, quickly shuttled onto Criterion’s Hulu Channel, making this a perfect time to take a look at what’s in store for you.

The good news is that the first film here is a flat-out, knock-down, no-holds-barred all-time masterpiece. I don’t use the term lightly (well, okay, sometimes, but who among us hasn’t gotten carried away and pronounced Wayne’s World as one of the greatest films ever made?). This is the kind of film that, once Criterion releases it and it starts to permeate the cinephile consciousness, will not be delayed in being

Article source: http://criterioncast.com/column/on-the-hulu-channel/on-the-hulu-channel-kim-ki-youngs-the-housemaid/

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