One third of British youth don’t know who Renoir is, thinks Impressionism is a …

Renoir paintingGood news for Americans! The education system in the UK is failing too.

More than a third of young Brits don’t know who well-known painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir is, according to a survey by Artfinder, an online art retailer.

And it gets better.

More than 1o percent of the 16-24-year-olds think the artist — who has been dead for almost a century — plays professional soccer with David Beckham on the French team Paris St. Germain.

The British also need to brush up on French government. Six percent assumed Renoir was the French Prime Minister. Another five percent thought he won ‘Eurovision‘ — a show that’s like Europe’s version of ‘American Idol‘ — and 12 percent just had zero idea who the famed artist was.

The Brits are not only confused about Renoir, the Impressionist painter, but the entire art period. The term “Impressionism” was not

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