Orient by Christopher Bollen, review: ‘highly pleasing’

Bollen has some fun at the expense of the deer-hunting, brownie-baking, long-time residents of Orient, but manages not to patronise them. He reserves his sharpest irony for the arty types and their bizarrely remunerative installations: “Nathan’s show, ‘That which does not kill you tries again later’, consisted of adorable rescue dogs let loose in a gallery… while video footage of a euthanasia facility played in the background.” There is a grim plausibility to this that is lacking in, say, Tom Wolfe’s recent clodhopping satires on the US art world.

While enjoying all this the reader must not forget to watch out for clues. The novel’s final pages reveal that, as was so often the case with Christie, the murderer has been carrying out a plan of wholly unbelievable intricacy, and though I don’t mind being required to suspend my disbelief, I found my mental winch was a bit

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/bookreviews/11524712/Orient-by-Christopher-Bollen-review-highly-pleasing.html

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