Osaka diorama artist delivers majestic landscapes in small packages

OSAKA–The boxes are just 20 centimeter squares that are 6 cm high, but the landscapes tucked inside them present views as grand as the real thing.

Looking into Seiichi Yasuda’s “hakoniwa” dioramas through a hole no wider than a pair of binoculars, one is transported into such famous settings as the Mayan ruins in Mexico and the Canadian Rockies.

Collectively called “Hako Sekai” (Boxed world), each of the eight works contains a life-like replica of a scene from Italy, Britain, Canada, Morocco, the Maldives, Turkey, China or Mexico.

The 48-year-old artist used clay to create such features as buildings and mountains, and employed perspective techniques to give his environments a sense of depth.

Fine details such as a goat in the forest or a teapot just millimeters in scale add a level of realism that has earned the artist growing attention.

Yasuda held his first solo exhibition last summer in Kyoto. He has shown his

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