Our Favorite Street Art And Murals In The DC Area

D.C. doesn’t have a Banksy (though we did have Borf for a while, and oh do we miss them), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any shortage of phenomenal street art and murals in the area. In fact, there’s a ton, many of which you can explore here. Below are our favorites in the area. Take to the comments and let us know yours.

“GAGGED WASHINGTON” MURAL: Part of the beauty of murals is their accessibility. You don’t need to be a curator or an art history major to decipher meaning. The “Gagged Washington” mural, situated on U Street, is a perfect example. It’s unmissable and striking, almost shockingly so. That was the goal of the artists, Aniekan Oudofia and Liz Brown, when they put it up in April of 2011. The piece, sponsored by D.C. Vote, is a testament to the injustice many

Article source: http://dcist.com/2015/04/the_best_street_art_in_dc.php

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