Painter’s work challenges viewers’ impressions

It’s a collection of paintings, but the Dickinson native’s methods are what are leaving a mark on viewers.

Hebert uses both a paintbrush and an airbrush to create images that seem so lifelike, they may appear to be photographs.

He plays with depth of field, focus and different planes for the viewer to examine.

One of the larger paintings, “Dew With Jack o’ Lantern,” depicts a spiderweb in the foreground with detailed pearls of condensation reflecting the blue of the sky above. Behind the net of tiny fibers rests a plastic pumpkin for trick-or-treating, with a mountain range in the background.

While the dewy web is amazingly crisp and sharply in focus, the items in the background are increasingly blurry.

Hebert is not only playing with depth and focus, but also images in context. A spiderweb and jack-o’-lantern may connote Halloween, mystery and darker themes, but by setting these aspects in an afternoon sun, the

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