Painting Mandalas After Meditation

When Elizabeth Garrison began seeing mandalas while meditating she was rather taken off guard. “I had nothing to relate the experience to,” she said, “but I have talked with others who have  had the [same] experience.” She found that in one form or another mandalas could be found in cultures all over the world, even in cave drawings. Garrison began to paint them. 

Each successive mandala that she experienced was unlike the one before it. She sketched them in notebooks using colored pencils. “I just do what comes to me,” she said.

She begins by making the circle (“mandala” is the Sanskrit word for circle), and then adds fields of color. “It will come to me a step at a time,” Garrison said. She makes a painting based on a finished sketch.

Several of her paintings are on display at Décorum Too in the Dewitt Mall.

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