Paul Gauguin painting becomes most expensive EVER – but which others made …

During his lifetime, the work of French artist Paul Gauguin was not well regarded.

Even after his death, his controversial – these days it would be criminal – lifestyle overshadowed his work.

But now a painting by Gauguin, who died aged 54 in 1903, has become the most expensive ever.

The work of art, showing two Tahitian girls, and called Nafea Faa Ipoipo, or When Will You Marry?, has been sold for £197million.

For most of the last half century it was loaned to the Kunstmuseum in Basel, by Swiss art collector Rudolf Staechlin. But now it has been sold, reportedly to oil-rich Qatar.

Despite times being tough around the world, the very richest always seem to have incredible sums to spare for art. Here, adjusted for inflation, are the top 10 most expensive art works ever:

1) When Will You Marry? by Paul Gauguin – £197m

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