Philadelphia Flower Show embraces fine art to create living landscapes

We’ve just been through two winter storms in less that a week, and another is on the way.

But the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society assures us that, yes, there will be a spring.


The Philadelphia Flower Show will open the first weekend of March at the Pennsylvania Convention Center with the theme of Art (or, more cheekily, “ARTiculture”).

Many past themes have been location-based, incuding France, Britain andr Hawaii. This year, 23 art museums from around the country — including the Guggenheim and the Getty — will collaborate with landscape designers to make floral environments based on, or inspired by, artworks.

This is the first time so many museums are participating in the single event, according to PHS president Drew Becher.

“They were, like, what do you want us to do? Who else is involved?” he said were the typical reactions when he approached museums with the idea. It took

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