Photo Gallery: Gifted paintings of Fenland landscapes set to sell for £1000000

The paintings have had pride of place in Ted Floate’s cottage at Whittlesey since Hitchens death in 1979 but now he has decided to sell them.

The 10 previously unseen oil paintings will go on display for three weeks from March 15 at the Goldmark gallery in Uppingham, Rutland, with collective price tags totalling in excess of £1m.

Jay Goldmark, the gallery’s managing director, said he was in touch with Mr Floate about being interviewed “but you have to remember he is now an elderly man and has only recently decided to sell these paintings”.

Mr Goldmark said he was sure Mr Floate must have realised the appreciating value for the works of art but “probably felt it was now time to sell them.

“Hitchens painted mainly woodland scenes and part of Mr Floate’s work was to keep the woods on the estate in suitable condition to be painted,” said Mr Goldmark.


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