Pompidou Practical? Architect Richard Rogers Colorizes Modernism In A Royal …

Forty-two years before Ikea introduced flat-packed emergency housing for refugees, Richard Rogers conceived an entire hospital that could be crated and air-dropped into a needy village. Around the same time, Rogers also designed an ultra-low-cost ‘zip-up house’, assembled from rows of aluminum enclosures made to insulate refrigerated trucks. (As your family expanded, you simply zipped on more of the mass-produced units; you unzipped them as your children moved out.) The Centre Pompidou in Paris – designed in partnership with Renzo Piano in the ’70s – has established Rogers as one of architecture’s most colorful stylists. But the truth is that Rogers is a pragmatist.

A Richard Rogers retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts brings pragmatic context to the Pompidou and other Rogers icons including the Lloyd’s of London headquarters. In both

Article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathonkeats/2013/08/19/pompidou-practical-architect-richard-rogers-colorizes-modernism-in-a-royal-academy-retrospective/

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