Pop Art and Portraits

If you tried, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a pair of artists whose work is so different from one another’s as that of Heathyr Chenoweth and Maegan Kauffman. Despite that assertion, or perhaps because of it, the two Tulsa artists join forces next week for an art exhibit at the Tulsa Historical Society.

Just how different? Chenoweth refers to her art as Electric Impressionism. Kauffman’s work doesn’t have “electric” in its name, nor any color, as she employs charcoal for stark and dramatic black-and-white portraits. About all these two have in common is that they are painting famous Oklahoma things. Oh, and they really like each other.

“We both have taught classes at the Tulsa Art Center,” Kauffman said of how the pair met. “We met one night and just were instant friends. Her art just draws you to it. It’s so bright and fun, and we were like, ‘Our

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