Portland painter Holly Ready uses landscape as vehicle for light

Portland artist Holly Ready keeps her gallery door open. Outside, Congress Street buzzes with the hum of motors, the stomping of feet along the sidewalk, and an incessant beeping as a truck pulls over to the loading zone. Inside the gallery, dozens of seascapes hang on the white walls, reflecting pockets of light back to the street outside. Occasionally, one pair of stomping feet will step inside to take in the light from up close.

“I love it when people come in just to look, when someone comes in and interrupts me,” said Ready. “As an artist, I get so focused on what I’m doing. It’s great to get jolted like that every now and then.”

This columnist had jolted Ready mid-smear. She was adding a smidgen of white to “Blue Violets,” a 30×30 inch oil on canvas piece. The top 80 percent of the painting is sky, thick with rolling, purple

Article source: http://bowdoinorient.com/article/8270

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