Power and mastery of the blank space — Toko Shinoda

When speaking of Japanese art, people use words such as wabi and sabi, words that speak of a delicate sensibility and an ephemeral existence. Viewing the retrospective currently being hosted at the Musee Tomo in Tokyo’s central Toranomon district in celebration of the 100th birthday of Toko Shinoda, the first word that comes to mind is “power.”

The power is observed in the elements that constitute Shinoda’s paintings — the strength of her calligraphy-style strokes, the stark intersections of lines and planes and the evocative contrasts she creates in her ink between shades of black and gray.

Although the market for Shinoda’s work transcends her own culture — owned and appreciated as it is internationally — it carries with it the strength of a tradition that defines the Far East. Looking at her paintings, one can almost catch a glimpse of the artist

Article source: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2013/05/22/arts/power-and-mastery-of-the-blank-space-toko-shinoda/

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