Privacy; The Silver Tassie; An Intervention – review

There is no need to keep this a secret. Privacy is electrifying. The audience is asked, Mousetrap-style, to stay mum about some twists and disclosures in James Graham‘s new play. Yet there is no muffling its impact. This evening may change the way you look at your daily life. Go into the Donmar with your smartphone on and the geek sitting at the corner of the stage will be able to tell the rest of the audience that you came there after going to St Pancras station or the Travellers’ Club in Pall Mall. In booking your theatre tickets you leave information that could lead to your seeing a picture of your house displayed on stage. The gargoyle selfie of this critic winking with her tongue sticking out (we were asked to send them in the course of the performance) was, I hope, deleted by the production

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