Profile: Luigi Maramotti, Max Mara chairman

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Luigi Maramotti

That Luigi Maramotti likes to keep a low profile is fitting. He is responsible for Max Mara, the fashion brand that is a byword for understated chic. Nevertheless, on the opening of the exhibition of Laure Prouvost, winner of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women, you might expect the award’s patron to be eager to comment. Instead, Luigi Maramotti’s office plead that the Max Mara chairman is travelling and cannot help.

No one who knows Maramotti will be surprised. In an age where patrons often command more column inches than the art they buy, his distaste for the limelight is the exception that proves the rule. When, in 2007, he presided over the public opening of the Maramotti Collection – acquired by his late father Achille – barely a single article alluded to his existence.

Two years ago, on the occasion

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