Quadriplegic Human Barbie Uses Fashion And Cosmetics To Show That There’s Still Life After Tragedy

At 9, Jasmin Britney was like other girls her age discovering their interests. However, the Barbie-loving girl didn’t know her life would change one day in 1998 when she crossed the road to buy Spice Girls lollipops from the local sweet shop. A driver, who was using his phone, hit Jasmin and severed her spinal cord, leaving her immobilized from the chin down. She recalled the accident to Metro.

“As a huge Spice Girl fan I wanted to collect all the Spice Girls stickers that came with the lollipops. The shop was pretty near to our home but there was one road that I needed to cross and that was the place where the accident happened. I was hit by a car while crossing the road. The driver was texting when the car hit me and he told the police that he couldn’t do anything; it was already too

Article source: http://www.inquisitr.com/3047939/quadriplegic-human-barbie-uses-fashion-and-cosmetics-to-show-that-theres-still-life-after-tragedy/

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