Ravaged Landscapes/Stargazing, Pier Arts Centre, Stromness

The interpretation of war through the eyes of the artist has a curiously mediating effect, whether propaganda or document, and it is one which the second-year students of Stromness Academy have been studying in preparation for Ravaged Landscapes, an exhibition of their own work.

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The students have approached the First World War through the medium of landscape, taking as a starting the point the idea of the land that surrounds them now and the landscape they might have known a century ago.

“It was challenging for our young people to imagine what impact the war had on the land at that time and so we used archival photographs from the War Museum and other sites to help give some sense of realism to their research,” says Art Department Principal, Brenda Johnstone.

Elsewhere at The Pier, youth continues to pervade with students from a little further along the educational line

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