Realism, fantasy collide in library art exhibit

BRENTWOOD — The Friends of the Brentwood Library will display the drawings of Katherine Tanner on the library’s Gallery Wall this month.

Tanner was always drawn to art, even as a little girl.

She watched Bob Ross and other art shows on PBS. Her first memory of art was with “paper people” that she and her sister would draw. They would get their mother to draw mermaids for them, looking over her shoulder and directing how each mermaid would be dressed.

“I would always give my mermaids some extra details because I always felt like my sister had gotten the better mermaid,” she said.

At 16, Tanner attended the College Academy, a selective, grant-funded, dual enrollment program at the local community college.

Her art presents an interesting juxtaposition of realism and fantasy.

“I am extremely influenced by the photorealist movement and the hyper-realist movement,” she said. “It’s amazing what some of these artists can

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