Realistic art from pop to now at NOLA museum


NEW ORLEANS (AP) – It’s art that tempts you. All those “do not touch” signs are essential.

You want to poke at Jud Nelson’s “Hefty 2-Ply” to confirm that the full trash bag really is carved from marble. You want to touch a tentative fingertip to tiny weeds that seem to sprout from the floor and wall, and to clamber onto a folding chair with a shoulder-high seat.

They’re all part of “Lifelike,” a traveling exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art through Jan. 27.

Thomas Demand’s video “Rain/Regen” creates the illusion of rain with 7,800 stop-action frames of cellophane candy wrappers and the sound of frying eggs. A 1950s-style folding table is big enough for Abraham Lincoln to walk beneath, while a nearby pair of elevators has operating doors 8

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