Reality’s annual art contest deadline Friday, March 22

It’s time to get SURREAL!

Our art contest is back.

Once again, area teen artists can choose from four assignments listed below. You can do one or as many as you like.

Prizes will be awarded for first and second places and best-in-show. But the biggest reward is getting your art printed for more than 100,000 people to see.

Deadline is Friday, March 22.

Get arting!

Assignment 1

We want to see your art at its most surreal. Think Salvador Dali. Basically, you can draw almost anything that defies logic or realism (like Mr. Snakehead here, for example).

Assignment 2

Illustrate an existing song. Make sure you tell us the name of the song and the musician (duh).

Assignment 3

The ever-popular portrait. A celebrity, your mother, whoever. Be warned, this is by far the most popular category, so competition is at

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