Recording Against Regimes hosts film series on documenting revolutions

Revolutions are infrequent, yet recurring moments in history, and with their outburst most artists become overwhelmed by such phenomena.

The event titled Recording Against Regimes open from 6-23 March at Cairo’s Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, which includes an exhibition, a film series and panel discussion, sheds light on how revolutions were documented in Egypt, Poland, and Germany – during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Faced with the task of documenting the revolution in Egypt, filmmakers took different approaches. Some recorded the happenings as they unfolded, like the initiative Mosireen. Others tried to look for the stories within the revolution, and some even veiled the documentation with fiction. 

Two Egyptian documentaries The Noise of Cairo and In the Shadow of a Man were screened along with two feature films by the Polish filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, and the German fiction films The Lives of Others and Goodbye, Lenin!. Screening included also documentaries such as Children of

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