Remembering Robotech: A detailed history of the ’80s anime cross-over that …

In 1984, a wave of animated robots broke on American shores, bringing Transformers, Go-Bots, Voltron and more to a hungry audience. But it wasn’t until the year later that one of the most influential animes of all time came to America. Thirty years ago, Robotech made its debut in syndication, bringing fast-paced robot action, interpersonal drama, and even some songs.

We reached out to the people behind Robotech to paint a picture of how the show came to be, and how it’s grown over the ages. We’ll also talk a bit about what the future of the franchise might hold.


The ’80s were when American TV producers really discovered the sheer volume of high-quality animation being made in Japan. Star Blazers, which premiered in late 1979 and ran until 1984, took a series called Space Battleship Yamato and localized it for U.S. kids, bringing with it continuity – each episode was a

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