Remembering the Wanly brothers

The brothers Seif and Adham Wanly are a unique case in the history of modern Egyptian art. The two brothers, born in 1906 and 1908, respectively, to a wealthy family in Alexandria, brought vitality to the country’s art scene with their blend of European-influenced, yet distinctly Egyptian, styles in the 1930s and later.

In order to commemorate their contribution to the history of modern Egyptian art, various retrospective events are being held in Alexandria that include a documentary written and narrated by painter Ismat Dawstashi and directed by Osama Al-Shafei at the city’s Mahmoud Said Centre and an exhibition of little-known works by the two brothers.

A further exhibition entitled “Thank You, Master” featuring paintings and graphic works as well as sculpture is also being held at the Centre. Maher Girgis, Alexandria’s former director of culture, also spoke about the artistic legacy of the brothers. At the same time, the Modern Egyptian

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