REP’s ‘Juno:’ ‘Magnificent production’ of Irish classic

Now at the University of Delaware is the Resident Ensemble Players’ magnificent production of the groundbreaking Irish classic “Juno and the Paycock.”

The drama by the legendary Sean O’Casey (1880-1964) follows a REP offering by another Irish playwright, “The Millionairess” by George Bernard Shaw. But though their working lives overlapped, these writers’ works and world-views are diametrically different.

Where Shaw was a master of refined dialogue, O’Casey is verbally extravagant, and this remarkable play is richly Irish. Born John Casey in Dublin, Sean O’Casey repudiated his British heritage. He wrote feelingly about the Irish working classes, and he knew his subject first-hand.

The playwright left school after the death of his father and by age 13 had taught himself to

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