Review: Kaz Oshiro plays with perceptions in ‘Still Life’

Over the last 10 years, Kaz Oshiro has used the materials of painting (paint, canvas and stretcher bars) to make sculptures that resemble ordinary things (crates, cabinets and cardboard boxes).

At Honor Fraser Gallery, he continues to play with perceptions and mess with expectations. Titled “Still Life,” his gently subversive exhibition throws a kink into the mix of what we think of as business as usual.

What appear to be three file cabinets stand against the walls in two galleries. Like innocuous pieces of office furniture, Oshiro’s witty sculptures are easily overlooked, partly because such cabinets are common to offices everywhere but mostly because the nine works around them appear to have been installed by gorillas.

FULL COVERAGE: 2013 Spring arts preview

Imagine a monochrome painting that has been wedged, forcefully, into the corner of a room so that it hangs almost painfully on two adjoining walls. Or picture a 12-foot-tall painting

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