Review: Morgan Fisher gets contemplative over color

That doesn’t mean it’s moribund. At China Art Objects Galleries, Morgan Fisher has made two suites of paintings based on paint chips commercially produced in 1935 to help American consumers decorate their homes. He invented neither the colors nor the compositions. Yet, marvelously conceived and exquisitely crafted, Fisher’s “Exterior and Interior Color Beauty” is an exceptionally compelling show.

Five small paintings are crafted from two or three wood panels, each painted a single flat color and all fitted together to form a horizontal rectangle. The pigments and their combinations were recommended by a professional color consultant as a fool-proof way to create harmonious rooms.

Most often the color is a neutral or soft pastel — oyster, heather, iris — and the use of organic names for industrially produced hues is sly. Each separate color panel is a different size, indicating its intended use on a wall or as a subsidiary trim.

Likewise, five

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