Review of "Miss and the Doctors" by Télérama


Two brothers, Boris and Dimitri Pizarnik, are inseparable. They are both family physicians and work at the same surgery in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Open-minded, understanding, and attentive to their patients, Boris and Dimitri are passionate about their profession and devote a large part of their lives to their patients. One night, the brothers are called on to treat Alice, a young diabetic girl whose mother Judith, a waitress, is forced to leave her daughter alone at home every night. Boris and Dimitri both fall in love with this young mother who is bringing up her daughter on her own, and before long their relationship as brothers is turned upside down…


A romantic comedy? Not quite. What we have here is more a matter of spiritual romanticism— a sentiment that is enthusiastically defended in the film, against all odds. Without drifting into trite or cheesy territory,

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