Review of ‘Tàpies: From Within’ at the Pérez Art Museum Miami: A Mystic Exalts …


Antoni Tàpies, the Catalan artist and theorist who died in 2012, at age 88, wanted his artworks to be more than mere paintings and sculptures. Largely self-taught, he treated art-making as incantation, a leap of faith. And—as demonstrated by “Tàpies: From Within,” a comprehensive chronological survey of 50 mixed-media paintings, drawings and assemblages at the Pérez Art Museum Miami—his artistic journey, spiritually fraught, was often unreliable, evasive, enigmatic.

‘Pink Material’ (1991), by Antoni Tàpies.

Mystically inclined, Tàpies treated his artworks, from which he expected epiphanies, as living things, battlegrounds,

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