By Toby Zinman

For the Inquirer

“Two boards and a passion”: that, according to the old saying, is all you need to make theatre, and EgoPo Classic Theater proves this—literally—in their stunning production of The Hairy Ape

Matteo Scammel, a human forcefield, provides much of that passion, in a very impressive, very visceral, very muscular performance as Yank, the central character in this early expressionist play by Eugene O’Neill. And this production, directed with great imagination by Brenda Geffers, offers a master class is expressionism onstage– a highly stylized kind of theater where the character’s feelings are made visible and audible. And Yank feelings range from arrogance to rage to desperation.

Act One takes place in the engine room of a luxury liner; the stokers shovel coal and drink and chant and goad each other. “Nix on de loud noise. Can’t youse see I’m tryin’

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