Review: Walker Art Center premieres new Richard Maxwell work

When attending any of the visiting productions in the Walker Art Center’s annual “Out There” festival, it’s ideal to preserve in thoughts that the Walker is a contemporary art museum, and that extends to the performances it presents. There is usually a lot of abstraction involved, and the works typically inspire the type of “What does it say to you?” conversations that you may have in front of a non-representational painting.

So it came as something of a surprise when this year’s “Out There” opened with one thing pretty much disarmingly straightforward. Playwright/director Richard Maxwell took the stage, sat at a table, and study from a journal entry he wrote in his father’s last days in rural Minnesota, detailing their final conversations and staring unblinkingly at the reality of a death with an admirable balance of poetry and plain speech.

It appears as if “The Evening” — Maxwell’s

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