ROBERT BORDO with Cameron Martin

Cameron Martin spoke with painter Robert Bordo in his studio on the occasion of Bordo’s current exhibition at Alexander and Bonin, Three Point Turn (March 16 – April 27, 2013).

Cameron Martin (Rail): Just before we started recording, you were saying that in relationship to your previous work, these new paintings have a quality of being “loaded.”

Robert Bordo, “The Black Dog,” 2012. Oil on linen stretched over panel, 42 frac14; x 51 frac14;”. Photo: Joerg Lohse. Image courtesy Alexander and Bonin, New York.

Robert Bordo: What I was referring to is how the paintings have become more figurative, or developed through imagery. The new paintings came from an interest in looking back and also thinking about the current painting revival and interest in Abstract Expressionism. I’ve been thinking about that and re-reading Beat poetry, especially Ginsberg, who meant a great deal to me as a young gay man, and Kerouac. I’ve

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