Rodney McMillian puts landscapes to bed in Aspen Art Museum show

Rodney McMillian’s solo exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum is titled “Landscape Paintings,” but the name is bit of a trick. The works don’t necessarily depict land, sky, mountains and the features that “landscape” suggests. Whether they’re even “paintings” is up for debate: McMillian has poured gallons upon gallons of swirled paint, creating three-dimensional, arguably sculptural pieces.

These abstract blobs of paint on sheets, bedspreads and blankets instead offer the landscape left on a bed when the inhabitant or inhabitants are absent.

“I’m interested in what’s not there,” McMillian said at the show’s opening. “My use of the bedding is locating the body in a domestic space, and the bedding also points to issues around class — bedding also goes to the pleasures we have in bed like sleep, reading, sex.”

The Los Angeles-based artist’s work

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