Ron Mueck at Fondation Cartier Pour l’Art Contemporain


Three new sculptures may not seem like much of an event, but for artist Ron Mueck—famous for a slow, deliberate process and mind-boggling attention to detail—it’s cause for a major exhibition. A follow up to his 2005 show at Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Mueck has returned to the Parisian space with a series of his trademark hyperrealistic sculptures.


The trio of new works, “Young Couple,” “Woman with Shopping Bags” and “Couple under an Umbrella,” collectively displays various kinds of intimate interpersonal relationships: a young couple embrace with a downcast expression; a shopping woman sandwiches an infant in her coat; an old man lies under a beach umbrella, his head resting on his wife’s thigh. While the work departs from the mostly solitary figures of his past work, stylistically it’s the

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