Rory Pilgrim, Inventing Impressionism: this week’s new exhibitions

Rory Pilgrim, Sheffield

As part of the gallery’s Platform residency programme of work-in-progress exhibitions, Rory Pilgrim is setting up an arena for the sharing of cultural memories and creative ideas between generations. Not one to dabble willingly in the shallows, Pilgrim intends to congregate a council of locally based “elders” for the occasion, with any resultant glimmers of cultural promise being transformed into rallying slogans by the Sheffield-based retro-poster designer David Andrews. The resonance we give to words and phrases has long been Pilgrim’s central concern, something reflected in the project’s title: Words Are Not Signs, They Are Years. While the show might come to resemble some kind of communal relic, Pilgrim never for a moment falls back on face-saving irony.

Site Gallery, Tue to 28 Mar


Inventing Impressionism, London

This exhibition tackling impressionism through its great impresario, the art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel, is a reminder that art movements need more than creative genius

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