Royal Street Gallery Show Leaves Quite an Impression

Amid the bustle of the French Quarter are some rooms well back from the street that are adorned with 40 Impressionist paintings. While some are for sale, all are free to behold.

Bill Rau’s family has operated their antique store on Royal Street for 100 years. They decided to mark the occasion with a look back at what was most popular when it first opened. A century ago, Impressionism was all the rage.

“It’s certainly the most famous that we deal in, but it’s also something that we love, and because we’ve been in business for so long that we also knew where a lot of great pieces were,” said Rau. “We couldn’t have an exhibition of Raphael pieces because we could never get those. But certainly Impressionism, we knew where a lot of the bodies were buried.”

As he walked through the show gallery tucked in back of the shop, just

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