Russian artist’s World View on display in Delhi

You’d be hard pushed to confuse Maxim Pridanov with any
other artist. He believes that life is filled with wonders, and these wonders manifest
themselves in his personality and his paintings. One frosty night on Lake
Svetloyar in the Nizhny Novgorod region, he observed a grey cat making its way
through piles of snow to his ‘sweetheart’. The image inspired Night Walks. Travelling,’
one of the artist’s favourite paintings.

“My Russia is kind, colourful and dreamlike,” Pridanov
says. “What does India look like then,” I ask him. “India is so varied,” he
answers, and then confesses that he has thus far been unable to get used to the
contrast between the simplicity of its people and the splendour of its
architecture. He is certain of just one thing: “any artist could use India as a
source of inspiration.”


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