Sculpting in Time by Andrey Tarkovsky

iSculpting in Time/i by Andrey Tarkovsky

The Great Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovsky (1932-1986) died in exile in Paris at age 54. In this memoir, published the year of his death, Tarkovsky breaks down cinema through the prism of his perception. It’s a remarkable work for reasons I’ll try to articulate. It’s also a necessary work, in ways I think we can all understand.

Director of seven feature films, five under the watchful eye of Soviet regimes, Tarkovsky oeuvre offers the epitome of the spirituality of art. Today, in times when cultural savvy resounds with Facebook privacy policy notices, the notion of poetic articulation in cinema cries out like a misunderstood Mayan prophecy.

Tarkovsky influenced many filmmakers, and one doesn’t necessarily have to go through him to get to, say, Hou Hsiao-Hsien or Lars von Trier. But

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