Secrets hidden in still-life ‘Reflections’

Of all the painting genres, still life may be the most reflective. That makes the theme of “Reflections,” a show by the still-life painters’ group Zeuxis opening Friday at the Pennsylvania College of Art Design, very appropriate.

“The longer you look at it, the more the painting is going to reveal,” PCAD’s gallery director Heidi Leitzke says. “You’re going to find something different in each piece.”

For its shows, Zeuxis members decide on a theme and participating artists produce a work or works based on that theme. “You can be really creative if you have a set of limitations; each artist has to push the boundaries within the format,” Leitzke says.

Sydney Licht, whose painting “Still Life with Reflections” takes a low-angle view of a brightly-lit table with a green patterned cloth, on which rest an espresso pot, a cake box, a bowl of sweetener packets and some pears, says that painting

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