Seeing Paul Klee, the undisputed master of abstract

In the midst of one of its coldest winters, London is still managing to make a success of an exhibition of the works of Paul Klee, one of the world’s biggest names in abstract art. In all probability, Klee is among the very few (if any) who trained in music, but chose visual art instead.

With an entrance fee of £16.50 for adults, The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee — Making Visible, continues to attract art lovers despite the extreme cold. It offers viewers the unique opportunity of seeing ‘Klee’s extraordinary body of work … in a new light’, including ‘paintings, drawings and watercolours from collections around the world … reunited and displayed alongside each other as the artist originally intended, often for the first time since Klee exhibited them himself’. The exhibition which opened on October 16 last year, will be on till March 9.

The exhibition begins with, the artist’s breakthrough

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