Seeking balance in the art of ‘Chitrangada’

Balancing masculine and feminine energy within oneself isn’t a contemporary issue – it is a human condition that is echoed throughout time and culture.

This dilemma – balancing what we have within us with society’s cultural expectations – is the rich starting point for the exhibit “Chitrangada: Connecting the Polarities,” which is up through May 28 at New London’s Provenance Center.

Eight artists from Goa, India, and three students from Eastern Connecticut State University have read “Chitrangada” by India’s poet laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, and their work evokes the play’s theme.

The play depicts a warrior princess whose father does not have sons. Once smitten with love, however, the princess finds herself faltering for the first time in life as she sets out to seduce, unsure of how to act feminine, vulnerable and alluring. Ultimately, the object of her affection, a prince warrior, returns the love, but it

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