Shattering the Stigma Around Mental Illness with Intimate Bedroom Portraits

This article originally appeared on VICE Indonesia.

What does mental health look like in a country where even the suggestion of a psychological illness is taboo? Jakarta-based photographer Dwi Asrul Fajar set out to document the daily lives of young adults living with mental illness through a series of intimate bedroom portraits, candids, and environmental still life.

“For me, bedroom pictures give me a wider perspective on my subjects: how they live, what they do, their moods, etcetera,” Fajar told me. “They also help me and other people to dive into the world of the subject. It’s that sense of familiarity that I wanted to capture; when someone is familiar with something, they find it easier to read into my work.”

The series is called A Stream Under the Table, and it presents an eye-opening look at the people affected by something most Indonesians would rather pretend didn’t

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