Sights, sounds and tastes from the Silk Road

SilkRoadOn Monday 12 May the festivities opened with an inaugural dinner, a program encompassing a variety of activities topped off by good Georgian food, courtesy of sponsor Hachapuri.
In the basement, the photography exhibition took visitors on a road trip across the dusty roads of the Caucasus, through the work of Tamás Németh, over to the Steppes, mountains and blue-tiled mosques of Central Asia captured by Polish travel photographer Lukasz Supergan.
As a contrast to the travel photography, the event showcased work by contemporary artists from the region, highlighting works from Uzbek artists Lekim Ibragimov, the “People’s Artist of Uzbekistan”, along with paintings from his son Gayrat Ibragimov and Said Shamirbaev, whose work echoes the expressionism of Gauguin.
While Silk Road Society partner Vollnhofer ArtStudio provided the artwork from Central Asia, the exhibition also featured work from Ermone Zabel Martaian,

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