Solana Beach artist to hold exhibit

Solana Beach artist John Modesitt in his studio. Courtesy photo

By Kristina Houck

John Modesitt grew up in Southern California, but he finds his inspiration in France. The Solana Beach artist lives part-time in the European country to paint the scenic surroundings.

“The beauty is just overwhelming,” said Modesitt, an impressionist painter. “It’s so inspiring. Artists, writers, musicians get inspired.”

Modesitt developed his love of Impressionism at an early age. Although his father worked as a nuclear physicist, he was passionate about art and had a poster collection of French impressionist paintings.

“He loved art and always wanted to be an artist, but he ended up being a nuclear physicist,” Modesitt said. “So when I wanted to be an artist, he was very encouraging.”

Like his father, Modesitt was fascinated by impressionist art.

“With all of the paintings — you feel like

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