Someone Turned Beyoncé’s Master Cleanse Diet Into Art And It Almost Looks …

Beyonce Lip Cupcake Instagram


I wonder what Van Gogh would think of this–other than who the hell is Beyoncé? Photographer Dan Bannino has decided to adapt the classic 17th century still life for modern times. How do you take one of art’s most popular subjects, that was interpreted by Caravaggio, Gaugin and Monet, (I will stop with the art history lesson now) for modern times? You add a celebrity into the mix–and instead of spending four hours painting an apple, you photograph the whole thing–that is how. And this isn’t an Instagram #foodporn picture either. The results are so good it almost makes me what to give up eating solid foods for good–but not quite. (I like my chocolate in bar form, thank you.)

The Italy-based artist explains the idea behind the appetizing project:

“With this series my aim was to capture the beauty

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