Speedboats and neon: Michael Mann’s five best films


  • Manhunter

Somewhat hidden among the slate of lackluster January studio releases is Blackhat, the latest film by the mighty Michael Mann, America’s finest purveyor of machismo ennui, neon expressionism, ebullient firefights, and dynamic shots of zooming speedboats. I wouldn’t necessarily count myself among the cult of Mann—next to Paul W.S. Anderson, he’s probably the most revered and obsessed-over filmmaker among auteur fetishists—but I’m far from a skeptic. I suppose I’m still getting used to his digital phase. The confident craftsmanship that defined his early career—something that seems to have ended with The Insider—is largely absent from his later work. His recent films have an internalized, more handmade quality, which would seem to suggest that they’re more intimate, and though they very nearly are, the dull gloss of digital imagery keeps things at bay. For lack of a better term, things have

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