St. Gianna, Still Promoting Life

The Italian pediatrician who gave up her life for her unborn child in 1962 is inspiring crucial new pro-life efforts across the country. 

The name of St. Gianna is now attached to several growing pro-life fertility centers, as well as annual diocesan special Masses for unborn children around the country.

For many Catholic, Christian and pro-life women, finding reproductive health care in line with their beliefs has been limited. For others, they’ve been unaware of the negatives of contraception including when used for a medical problem, IVF and the full truth about abortion until they happened to find a pro-life center. 

In the past 10 years, Catholic fertility centers named for St. Gianna have opened in Manhattan, New Jersey, Floridan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Long Island.

Founder and director of the Gianna Center in New York City, Dr. Anne Nolte, reflected on the growing number of women, some who drive for hours, who come to the Gianna

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