‘Still Life’ a gem of a film

Flawless as a perfectly executed miniature painting and as delicate as the wings of the rarest butterfly, Uberto Pasolini’s 2013 “Still Life” is a tiny film that packs a devastating emotional wallop. It earns your response honestly and becomes honestly unforgettable.

John May works for a British governmental agency tasked with finding relatives or friends of people who’ve died alone. He takes this job most seriously and is often the sole mourner at funerals or cremations for these forgettable souls. You realize May feels he could one day be among their numbers.

Brilliantly portrayed by the astonishing Eddie Marsan, May is a man of rigid routine and poured-in-concrete habits. He’s told he’s being fired because he’s

Article source: http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/entertainment/movies/2015/02/12/reel-film-larry-robinson-still-life-eddie-marsan/23238951/

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